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Hey guys

I weigh 203 lbs [yeah....big fatty...i'm sorry]

i've recently started a workout plan that looks like this:
Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday:30-40 minutes of Tae bo...and weather permitting: walking 2 miles
Tuesday?thursday/Saturday:pilates tape, arms/abs tape, yoga tape

My question is....if I keep my caloric intake under 600 a day [or a 2-4-6 diet] do you think it'll make any difference by august?

i'm going back home to see some friends in August and i realllly want to lose a lot of weight, and look good.

Can anyone help me or tell me if i'm doing the right thing? i'm massively depressed about my obesity and i'm losing control on my fasting
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June 16 2003, 10:34:44 UTC 13 years ago

Let me tell you what to do:

1)whenever you get hungry have a spoonful of peanut butter. That has a ton of protein which builds muscle instead of fat, and you will lose flab easier.
2) when you are bored, go jogging or do your work out tapes and classes and stuff. Go sweat like rain. Go for a swim.
3) eat salad with fat free dressings, or just vinager which is good good for you and will help clear your stomach.
5) do not eat laxatives, unless you have some metamucil or something, but try to drink tall glasses of lemon water, it will help cleanse your system and make you go go go.

It's a little better than anorexia or bulemia, it's just self control and being depressed just makes you think "I'm not losing weight anyway, and if my body wants it it can't be that bad." well, it is. And if you want to lost weight fast just have spoons of peanut butter, or carry saltfree peanuts around with you. If you don't like peanuts I don't know what to tell you. Just try to avoid sugar and bread, because bread turns to sugar in your system and sugar turns to fat.

It is proven to work, I used to weigh 157 lbs and I needed to look thin in 4 weeks, which is not even as far as august, and I lost a good 25 pounds plus I'm not even flabby! Try it.

& no offense, but if you aren't a girl then you sound like a gay man, which might be negative if you aren't. I have a lot of gay friends who say stuff like "My life is horrible and I love it" meaning you are just some annoying drama queen. Stop complaining, seriously. It's annoying as fuck. What if you died in a car accident today? Or what if you just got hit enough to mangle the hell out of your body and you just sat in a wheelchair and got even more obese?

Your life isn't bad. I just had a friend die, and her life barely began. She never complained. She knew she had to have all the fun she could have, and being thin does in fact help make you enjoy life more, since you can move and do more and feel healthier.

Stop trying to make everyone feel sorry for you. Your fat, you know it. All you will get out of you're friends is "YOUR NOT FAT! STOP SAYING THAT!" and that's all you want to hear. Well, stop it. Wait till they can say it honestly, you will feel much better.

I hope I wasn't too mean. But I can't help it man. It gets old.

Re: Oueo


June 16 2003, 10:38:54 UTC 13 years ago

sorry i forgot to say one thing..

the reason peanut butter is so good is beacuse just a spoonful FILLS YOU. You have zero cravings for food.

and also, smoothies aren't that healthy.. I don't know if you drink them, but they contain an insane amount of sugar qualities.

also though, you still should eat. DO NOT EAT MEAT, just fish! But you need to eat enough protien in the peanut butter because otherwise without meat you gain weight faster.. Some chicken is good as well... just don't put too much fatty crap on it.
eat veggies and fruit.

ok, that is all.
oh yeah...and i'm a semi-vege...nothing in the meat department except fish...and no shrimp...i hate smoothies....i don't eat sugars or breads...i don't drink soda...and yeah... i think that covers it
thank you for the tips...i'm abig fan of peanut butter...so that'll be good for me. and the lemon water is good too.

as far as being someone who makes people feel sorry for me....i'm really not. i posted here because i dont talk to my friends about my body ever. i don't liek to hear anything they say...whether they mean it or not. so a typical conversaiton never goes like this:
"Like...omigod tiffany...i am SOOOO fat. Look at my ASS!"
"No way Jessica...you are soooooo NOT fat. you are like, so pretty. like, if i was a guy...i would soooo be all over you!"
"Omigod, really?" "like, really!"
hehehhegiggle gigglefuckgigglegiggle

and i'm not a gay man either. i'm sorry it gets old to you...take solice in the fact that this is a community for whining...and yeah...i needed to get it out of my system. sorry you don't like it....but thank you for the tips again!

and the only reason i mentioned my friends is because i would like to be thinner when i go home this august...but i haven't even told them i'm trying to lose weight..so any reaction they have has to be natural..if they don't notice...i haven't done it. they didn't bother saying ti last year when i went back to visit..and for good reason..i hadn't lost anything.

do you need an lj code? or were you posting anonymously so i wouldn't stalk you and yell at you?

Re: Oueo


November 19 2004, 19:26:16 UTC 12 years ago

wow you're a psycho. come on a message board and get angry at people for talking about what the message board is designed for. that's a little weird. sorry you're friend died, but that doesn't make everyone in the world have an obligation to stop feeling bad about being overweight or wanting to lose weight. you need to look at yourself before you start making inaccurate judgement calls about other people and then telling them what you think. try making people feel better, maybe it will help you get over the fact that you're a jerk. -Anon.
Oh it will definitely make a difference. I lost 45 pounds last year, and i have never been happier. I still need to lose more, because I weigh 154 pounds, but anyways, here's what I did...

breakfast- a bowl of fruit, or a piece of fruit, or some juice
lunch- salad w/lowfat dressing, and sometimes a piece of bread
dinner- juice or water, some vegetables, and some protein or carbohydrates.
Excercise- at least 20 minutes a day of biking, walking, or running
Be creative, and try it out. Hopefully you can stick with it. Losing weight is the best thing you'll ever do for yourself