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whiney_ana's Journal

my life is hell and i love it!
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Hi! My name is Bertha and I am the maintainer of WHINEY_ANA, a pro-ana community those of us embrace the hellish existence that is ANOREXIA! Here we will be free to argue about who's spent the most time in the hospital, brag about how many i.v.s we've been stuck with, and bitch and moan about how miserable we are in general! If you're not really ana but want to join anyway, go right ahead! Just draw from all the Lifetime Movies you've ever seen about anorexia and make the rest up as you go along! Most of us are lying about everything anyway and don't know what we're talking about, so chances are we won't know if you're lying or not either!! It's a win-win situation!!

All are welcome*

*except for that foul wolf-in-sheep's clothing who goes by the name of Sparkleglitter3!! Watch out for that one!! SHE'LL GETCHA!!
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